Coco Forgot: Fashion is also at the Super Market!

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. Fashion is everywhere.” ~ Coco Chanel

My favorite fashion quote said by the queen of fashion herself, Coco Chanel.

If you are not aware it is currently Paris Fashion Week A.K.A. the event I dream to go to one day! Today was certainly a day to remember for Mr. Karl Lagerfeld as he showed off the Chanel Shopping Center for the first time! He is a genius!!! The show transformed the Grand Palais into a couture market of “goods” plastered with that iconic CC logo we all know and love. Chanel EVERYTHING! Pasta, soda, door mats, Pringles, Coco Pops, bath salts – everything, even, an entire DIY aisle of hard hats, vests, paint pots, and chainsaws. Half-filled plastic shopping carts made their way around the market as awe-struck guests found their seats.

The very surprising selection of Lady Gaga and remixes of Rihanna were played as models carried shopping baskets made of Chanel chains or the quilted leather classic, strutting about and browsing the shelves. They then made their ways into small groups making purchases, picking up some food here, something to drink there, filling those empty shopping carts aisle to aisle. It looked like it was a typical day at Wholefood, just with the most fabulous shoppers.

Oh and the fashion, the actual point of the show, was a lot younger and fresher than Chanel usually shows us. I was very thrilled to see the candy-colored tweed suiting layered over glittery tops and metallic jeans. Also, tissue-thin leather tracksuit pants were partnered up with sporty quilted cropped jackets, all paired with sneakers, some boots, padlock necklaces or multi-strand pearls. The girls sported full ponytails streaming in tweed rags.

One of the best parts, an announcement came overhead at the end: “The shopping center will be closing shortly, please help yourself to the complimentary fruits and vegetables and please come again.”

Chanels transition the past few years to attract a younger customer hasn’t been smoothing sailing, until today. I believe that the classy woman age 18 to 80 can find something delicious to add to her closet! It was what Chanel of 2014 should be. Chanel is back on top, in my opinion, and setting the bar very high for all other designers!


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