Where Did the Summer Go?

Seriously, when did I blink and have two seasons flash before my eyes? The severity of this situation is probably more dramatic than it should be because I just got back from a fabulous vacation! Las Vegas! Three days ago I was laying out on a rooftop, under a cabana, pool side. This morning my hair froze because Western NY decided two weeks of Autumn is two weeks too long. Western NY? Yes, I moved back home after graduation. Why? Because I was blessed with an awesome job in retail at Chautauqua Institution. Plus, my boss is hands down better than yours. Don’t you fret, Big Apple, I’ll be back before you know it. As for this summer: My mornings at the gym, long days at work, and nights at the bars all contribute to me only opening my Laptop five times since my last post. The past few months have flown by, but my list of “what am I going to blog about because I’m not in NYC right now” is pretty lengthy… Tutorials, DIYs, life rantings, stories, experiences and more; they will all be blowing up your inbox these next few days.  I have a lot to say and as usual I’ll be very opinionated about it all. Hope all is well with you, dear reader! Stay fabulous!! XOXO

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