Saved by the Fashion

Every morning around 7AM I wake up to the sound of the bell, and no not a late bell, the bell at Bayside High School. While Zac Morris and his friends are causing some trouble I am rushing around my dorm getting ready for my day. As I dig through my clothes trying to figure out what to wear I begin to notice the similarities between my wardrobe and Kelly Kapowski’s.

Fashion is forever in a cycle. Let’s open the shopping bags of Lisa Turtle, Kelly Kapowski, and Jessie Spano and compare, shall we? Crop tops, floral prints, body con dresses, and high wasted bottoms. You would think that the girls of Bayside went shopping at Forever 21, H&M, or my closet.

Fashion trends repeat themselves because that is the basis of the world. The world goes around, the sun goes around and fashion trends goes around. But that’s just my opinion.

Actually, top fashion houses use fashion trend forecasting resources help predict trends. Fashion & trend forecasting is the prediction of mood, behavior and buying habits of the consumer at particular time of season. All of this is effected by current events and the state of the economy.  It plays a major role in introductory phase of recurring fashion cycles.

Take a look at Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie and then see some new clothing for sale at Forever 21!




Then 9AM hits and the 5th episode of the morning has begun, I am actually saved by the bell of Saved by the Bell.