Drugstore Discovery- The Ultiment Eyeliner

I can’t be the only one that gets super watery eyes in these 10 months of negative temperatures here in western NY. I absolutely can’t stand when my eyeliner smudges or runs. For years I have been on the hunt of an in expensive eyeliner that does the trick. I finally found it and it beats any Mac, Urban Decay, Sephora, or Make-up Forever I have had in the past. The best part; it’s SO much cheaper! Maybelline Lasting Drama by EyeStudio Gel Eyeliner. Some of you are already turned off by the fact that it’s a gel liner, but believe me it’s different. Unlike other gels I’ve used, the Maybelline one is smooth and doesn’t smear everywhere as I’m applying it, even to the bottom line. The brush that comes with it is soft and not angled like most. It’s not overly stiff, but gives you better control with more structured bristles. I’ve only used the black one, and it is dark, dramatic black that stays that way all day and night. If you haven’t used a gel eyeliner before, practice before you go to use it on a Saturday night out with your girls. Five stars!