The Facial Contouring Craze!

After Kim Kardashian posted a picture on her Instagram of her in the middle of getting her make up done, facial contouring started trending instantly. Pro Kardashian or not, you have to agree that her makeup and face look flawless. I’ve always been one to contour my cheek bone every once and a while with a darker powder than that of my skin tone, but I have never thought about applying concealer all over my face. I decided to do some drug store shopping and spent under $15 on E.L.F and NYX cosmetics.

It was pretty simple to do, but is it worth the results? I put the light yellowish concealer under my eyes, up the center of my nose, and on my chin. Next,  I applied a darker concealer on the top of my forehead, jawline, cheekbones, and nose. After I looked like I was about to perform a rain dance around a fire I took a disposable makeup sponge and started blending. I focused on the lighter areas first and then blended the darker areas up and out. The point of this is to make sure you don’t have any harsh lines on your face. It’s also important to make sure you have the dark areas blended into your hair line and under your chin/jaw until it disappears on your neck. Finally, I took a brush with some translucent setting powder and ta-da! I am contoured and highlighted! I went one step further and did my everyday brow routine!


Pros: It definitely made my skin look smooth, pores look almost invisible, and my facial features more defined. It also added a natural glow to my face.

Cons: If I did this as an everyday thing it would add about 7 more minutes to my morning routine and I’d rather be sleeping. Also, I have very sensitive and acne prone skin and with all this concealer I feel like my skin can hardly breath!

Overall: I would definitely try this the next night I go out because it is a pretty look, but the work involved might not be worth doing every morning.

EB-ology #6: Bacteria on your face is a big mistake! I am very against the use of makeup brushes unless you are willing to wash them almost every other day. Think about what ruins your skin and clogs your pore, bacteria. Whenever you rub that brush around your face you are only helping spread that around and by not washing it everyday, you’re just reapplying that gunk from the day before! YUCK! Invest in a pack of small cosmetics sponges for a month, pat on your make-up gently, and see if you see a difference!