Some Christmas Sewing

The holidays and fashion go hand-in-hand, but what to do if you can’t find that fabulous outfit you are looking for?! My solution: head to the fabric store and get sewin!
Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! This post was really just to show off my Christmas outfit that I am very proud of. It’s simple, but I loved it 🙂 xoxo


Wine for the Holidays!

Hello all and a Merry Christmas eve! I needed to quickly share my new holiday make up addictions and we have a theme here people- Wine!! I highly recommend all of these products! As for the nails, use that top coat for extra protection and shine! Feeling sassy? Add some glitter! When it comes to lips… Liner is a must! It’s a fashion thing, not an old lady thing    ! Need it exta matte? Cover your whole lip with liner! Especially if you’re going to be sippin the bubbly 😉 it well help the lipstick stay on your lips rather than the glass! So happy holidays! Stay safe and stay fashionable ❤ xoxo



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