HD Beauty Save

I have been all about the HD translucent powder for about a year now. It’s really just a great matte top coat that leaves your skin looking super even and soft! It minimizes imperfections, keeps oil under control, and just kinda holds everything in place! You can seal your foundation with it or wear it alone! The downside about it: I haven’t found a lot of brands that carry a great HD powder! I have tried two brands that give me the same amazing results with one huge difference… The price! Makeup Forever is one of my favorite Sephora brands and they have a great HD powder that comes in a few size containers. The .3oz container runs for $34.00 and while it’s a great product and well worth the money… I can get you a better deal! NYX HD finishing powder comes in a .28oz container and get this, it’s only $10.00! It gives you the same results and lasts the same amount of time! (Use sparingly) You’re welcome 🙂