Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby.

Sixty-one days until I graduate from College.

In the past seventeen years of my life I have been a student. In the past four years I have worked my butt off for a bachelor’s and associates degree, but these next few months are the ones that will count the most because after May 22 my life is up to me.

So what’s next? More portfolios, drawing, sewing, interviews, resumes, cover letters, job hunts, and most importantly figuring out where I am going to live. Talk about STRESS.

During my college experience I have been told that when I apply for jobs I should fill out one hundred applications to try to get one, yes I said one, job interview. There are over 20,000 fashion students graduating across the nation in 2014, but there are not 20,000 jobs.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones because of my bring on the rejection attitude. The more I hear “no”, the closer I am to hearing “yes”. My Momma taught me young that there will always be someone out there better than you, even if you win the gold medal. The bright side to that; you will always be better than someone else.

So, to my fellow graduates; do not get discouraged if at first you don’t succeed. STAY POSITIVE! Do not burn bridges from hearing rejection. Your journey of life, in the fashion world or not, is up to you. Be as prepared as you can be; be confident, and never let your ego get in the way. Depend on you and yourself alone to fight your battles, because honey, this is the real world and in the real world we don’t tag team.

EB-ology- Keep your Head and Confidence like your Heels; High! Call me Rafiki, but take that “no” as a “this isn’t your time because better things are coming your way”. Easier said than done, but it’s also easier to be confident than cocky.


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