The Healthiest Cake Ever!

Okay, so it’s not actual cake, but it is SO delicious! As I previously blogged; I have been taking part of a fitness challenge and keeping track of everything thing I put in my body (including the bottles of wine). Anyway, being a vegetarian has been difficult in this situation because I need a lot of protein, especially because I’m working out almost everyday. Peanut butter and all those other butters can be great sources of protein, but I like to keep my daily sugar intake under 25g a day. It’s a struggle, but I really try! I love to get a lot of my protein right after I lift and 99% of the time I go to this amazing recipe (listed below). I’m pretty sure everyone who has tried it has loved it!


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.23.26 PM

I personally use EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder (vanilla)

One serving (2 scoops) has 26g of protein, 2g fat, 2g of sugar, and 7g of carbs

Instead of water, sometimes I use unsweetened silk soy milk to make it a little creamier!

Pudding is optional as well, I think I’ve used it once.

One last thing, if I’m drinking it right after a 5am workout I mix in some hot coffee! SO GOOD!



Gluten Free, Delicious, and Addictive

Would you like a gluten free dessert? Chances are you said no and made the same face I made when I saw Anna Kendrick’s dress at the Oscars. I’m here to inform you about the new and highly addictive gluten free chocolate chip cookie brand my roommate and I discovered a few days ago!
They are everything a delicious chocolate chip cookie should be! Soft, chewy, moist, and they are bite size! Not to mention, they have zero trans fat!
The brand is: WOW (without wheat) and I would love to give one of these to my dad, have him eat it and then tell him it was gluten free! He wouldn’t believe me!
I bought mine, for about $5, at a local deli near 27th street and 8th avenue after a girls happy hour night out. I don’t know if it was the mix of vodka and fresh gossip flowing through my veins, but something inside me thought it was necessary to eat about ten of these bad boys in one night. Needless to say, I was a happy camper!
If I didn’t have to be gluten free I would still devourer these sweet morsels on the reg!
Can’t wait to try their other flavor: snicker doodle, lemon, peanut butter, and ginger molasses!


The NYC Mark-Up

Lemme’ have a quick rant.

It’s not a surprise that just about everything in NYC is more expensive that what’s sold in my home sweet hometown. Produce, clothing, bath supplies, home goods, food, ect… it’s all pretty pricey in the Big Apple. Don’t get me started about drinks at the bars/clubs, though. That might a whole other post for another day. Anyway, being a girl that doesn’t carry cash on my person often (because plastic is fantastic), finding 2 dollars in my purse earlier put only one thought in my head: Roll Up The Rim To Win! Hello, Tim Hortons! I have felt pretty left out seeing all the social media lately about my friends and their daily wins. So, I walked five blocks just to order my $1.89 large coffee with one cream and two sugars. I just wish someone would have gotten a picture of my face when the woman told me $2.58. Really, Tim Hortons? You let me down in more than one way; I also got a losing cup.

Today’s lesson: You can’t do anything with 2 dollars in NYC that wont leave you with food poisoning, still hungry, or stranded.

Ashes to Ashes, Cheese & Fashion

Wednesdays are sometimes more exciting than my Fridays! Why you ask? I only have one class and it ends at noon. My roommate/BFF, Lindsey, and I like to refer to Wednesdays as “be a human day” because we get time to explore this amazing city. Most of the time it results in finding great places to eat!

Before I talk about today I’m going to bring you back a week! S’mac is a NYC dive that everyone has to goto!!! Its a great place to eat, and ONLY eat macaroni and cheese! The BEST mac n cheese EVER! It gets better… They offer vegan and gluten free options! Needless to say, I was in heaven!! Honest to blog, one of the best things I have ever eaten! I cannot wait to go back! Here’s a picture of my meal last week to make your mouth water!


Back to today… Took a big step of being an adult today and went to Ash Wednesday Mass all by myself! Normally I dread going anywhere alone, but I felt okay going to get my ashes today because I know my nana was by my side the whole time. It was a beautiful church and only 3 blocks away from campus! Thinking about going back every once and awhile!


The last 6 hours of the day can be described in one word; Sketching. Being my last semester in college, I’m creating my portfolio to show future employers (fingers crossed!) I’ve been working on it since January and will be for another month and a half! Today I focused on making some rough copies of spring/summer looks! Hope ya like ’em 🙂