Elijah Berzy

Elijah Berzy, that would be my name Travoltafied!

By now you are probably very aware what I am talking about. I realize it’s been about a week since since all the tongue tangled tomfoolery began, but it is still funny! Especially with apps out to Travoltafy your name, comedians doing their own spin on the mess-up, and just watching Mr. Travolta botch up Idina Menzel’s name; it will never not be funny!

All I keep thinking is, how?! Between the pre-show run through, having her name right in front of you, being an actor, and the fact that it was the infamous Idina Menzel… how could someone mess up her name? It’s not like she’s a nobody. She was in a film that received two oscars that night! That’s two more than Leonardo DiCaprio and I have combined!

I guess we’ll never know what was on Travolta’s mind that night, so all we can do is get a good chuckle out of it! Let me help you with that…

Click HERE to Travoltafy your name! ( at the bottom of that page you can also watch the video of him butchering her name)

Also, this is a video of my FAVORITE comedian impression!



Danny Zuko isn’t so suave anymore, is he?