Spoiler Alert: I’m Actually A Princess

Last night was a monumental night when it comes to sisterhood and my two best friends from town; we are all officially single! You would think at 23/24 years old we would be a little nauseous over the fact that we’re not about to be heading down an aisle, but that’s not the case. As my friend’s relationship ended last night, the other one joyfully said, “Welcome back to the fun zone!” Ain’t it the truth! So like the mature adults we are, we ordered pizza, popped some bottles, and turned on a 1959 classic; Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Less than 20 minutes into the movie we all realized how much we related to this tiny waisted, luscious locked, sings to animals, princess. Aurora was prancing around with her animal friends talking about the man of her dreams, “…he takes me in his arms, and then I wake up.” An instant, “same girl” came out of all our mouths. I began thinking, so in what other ways am I basically a Disney Princess?

So here are the ten reasons that every single 20-something year old is basically a Disney Princess.

#1) Enough said…


#2) It’s normal to dramatically throw yourself on the floor or nearest bed whenever you’re upset. The more dramatic, the better, the more princess like.

ariel-crying3 belle-crying

#3) When you need to get something from a dude, compliment him and look super pretty while doing it.


#4) It’s okay to see a guy one time and tell everyone you love him… even if he never saw you.


#5) Going to your pets for emotional support is completely okay.


#6) Getting a lot of unwanted advice from family members and friends because they don’t understand…


#7) …that you’re actually okay with being single.


#8) When you think you’ve met a guy who is “normal”… So your friends have to set you straight.



#9) Losing personal belongings when you’re leaving a party is actually pretty glamorous.


#10) But no matter what, you’re strong, don’t put up with crap and know that you are the most important person in your life.


Elijah Berzy

Elijah Berzy, that would be my name Travoltafied!

By now you are probably very aware what I am talking about. I realize it’s been about a week since since all the tongue tangled tomfoolery began, but it is still funny! Especially with apps out to Travoltafy your name, comedians doing their own spin on the mess-up, and just watching Mr. Travolta botch up Idina Menzel’s name; it will never not be funny!

All I keep thinking is, how?! Between the pre-show run through, having her name right in front of you, being an actor, and the fact that it was the infamous Idina Menzel… how could someone mess up her name? It’s not like she’s a nobody. She was in a film that received two oscars that night! That’s two more than Leonardo DiCaprio and I have combined!

I guess we’ll never know what was on Travolta’s mind that night, so all we can do is get a good chuckle out of it! Let me help you with that…

Click HERE to Travoltafy your name! ( at the bottom of that page you can also watch the video of him butchering her name)

Also, this is a video of my FAVORITE comedian impression!



Danny Zuko isn’t so suave anymore, is he?