Adult Life.. Here I Come!

But lemme go to the beach first 🙂

After surviving finals week and final projects… I am officially a college graduate! From two different universities! So how do I celebrate? Goto the beach of course 🙂



Can’t wait to fill everyone on the life of a fashion student going thru finals! It is insane!! Hope everyone is well 🙂 xoxo

It has been awhile!

I’m alive! I promise! My life has been just like the fashion industry has promised; crazy, stressful, but most of all, rewarding!
The biggest project at school has passed and I can’t wait to tell you all about it and explain step-by-step how I have not had a life outside of the sewing lab. On the bright side, all the hard work has paid off and I completed my draping project. I am very proud of myself and deserve a pat on the back if I do say so myself 🙂
I am thrilled to have the time now to blog! I have had some awesome experiences these past few weeks from Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum to great shopping trips!

Hope all is well!

Let’s Talk About Stress, Baby.

Sixty-one days until I graduate from College.

In the past seventeen years of my life I have been a student. In the past four years I have worked my butt off for a bachelor’s and associates degree, but these next few months are the ones that will count the most because after May 22 my life is up to me.

So what’s next? More portfolios, drawing, sewing, interviews, resumes, cover letters, job hunts, and most importantly figuring out where I am going to live. Talk about STRESS.

During my college experience I have been told that when I apply for jobs I should fill out one hundred applications to try to get one, yes I said one, job interview. There are over 20,000 fashion students graduating across the nation in 2014, but there are not 20,000 jobs.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones because of my bring on the rejection attitude. The more I hear “no”, the closer I am to hearing “yes”. My Momma taught me young that there will always be someone out there better than you, even if you win the gold medal. The bright side to that; you will always be better than someone else.

So, to my fellow graduates; do not get discouraged if at first you don’t succeed. STAY POSITIVE! Do not burn bridges from hearing rejection. Your journey of life, in the fashion world or not, is up to you. Be as prepared as you can be; be confident, and never let your ego get in the way. Depend on you and yourself alone to fight your battles, because honey, this is the real world and in the real world we don’t tag team.

EB-ology- Keep your Head and Confidence like your Heels; High! Call me Rafiki, but take that “no” as a “this isn’t your time because better things are coming your way”. Easier said than done, but it’s also easier to be confident than cocky.


L’Wren Scott

A few hours ago, here in Manhattan, L’Wren Scott (Mick Jagger’s girlfriend, designer and project runway star) was found dead in her chic apartment. The 49 year old was hanging from a scarf and it was clearly claimed as suicide with no signs of foul play.
I don’t want to bum anyone out with this post, but it is kind of an eye opener. A beautiful 6-foot-3 successful women who seemed to have everything must not have been as happy as she seemed to be.
Iceberg theory: Majority of an iceberg is under the water and we only see the small top, so that is what we judge the rest of it by. We never really know what people are going through in private and how they deal with their problems.
Be thankful today and pray for L’Wren Scott.


Gluten Free, Delicious, and Addictive

Would you like a gluten free dessert? Chances are you said no and made the same face I made when I saw Anna Kendrick’s dress at the Oscars. I’m here to inform you about the new and highly addictive gluten free chocolate chip cookie brand my roommate and I discovered a few days ago!
They are everything a delicious chocolate chip cookie should be! Soft, chewy, moist, and they are bite size! Not to mention, they have zero trans fat!
The brand is: WOW (without wheat) and I would love to give one of these to my dad, have him eat it and then tell him it was gluten free! He wouldn’t believe me!
I bought mine, for about $5, at a local deli near 27th street and 8th avenue after a girls happy hour night out. I don’t know if it was the mix of vodka and fresh gossip flowing through my veins, but something inside me thought it was necessary to eat about ten of these bad boys in one night. Needless to say, I was a happy camper!
If I didn’t have to be gluten free I would still devourer these sweet morsels on the reg!
Can’t wait to try their other flavor: snicker doodle, lemon, peanut butter, and ginger molasses!


Elijah Berzy

Elijah Berzy, that would be my name Travoltafied!

By now you are probably very aware what I am talking about. I realize it’s been about a week since since all the tongue tangled tomfoolery began, but it is still funny! Especially with apps out to Travoltafy your name, comedians doing their own spin on the mess-up, and just watching Mr. Travolta botch up Idina Menzel’s name; it will never not be funny!

All I keep thinking is, how?! Between the pre-show run through, having her name right in front of you, being an actor, and the fact that it was the infamous Idina Menzel… how could someone mess up her name? It’s not like she’s a nobody. She was in a film that received two oscars that night! That’s two more than Leonardo DiCaprio and I have combined!

I guess we’ll never know what was on Travolta’s mind that night, so all we can do is get a good chuckle out of it! Let me help you with that…

Click HERE to Travoltafy your name! ( at the bottom of that page you can also watch the video of him butchering her name)

Also, this is a video of my FAVORITE comedian impression!



Danny Zuko isn’t so suave anymore, is he? 




The NYC Mark-Up

Lemme’ have a quick rant.

It’s not a surprise that just about everything in NYC is more expensive that what’s sold in my home sweet hometown. Produce, clothing, bath supplies, home goods, food, ect… it’s all pretty pricey in the Big Apple. Don’t get me started about drinks at the bars/clubs, though. That might a whole other post for another day. Anyway, being a girl that doesn’t carry cash on my person often (because plastic is fantastic), finding 2 dollars in my purse earlier put only one thought in my head: Roll Up The Rim To Win! Hello, Tim Hortons! I have felt pretty left out seeing all the social media lately about my friends and their daily wins. So, I walked five blocks just to order my $1.89 large coffee with one cream and two sugars. I just wish someone would have gotten a picture of my face when the woman told me $2.58. Really, Tim Hortons? You let me down in more than one way; I also got a losing cup.

Today’s lesson: You can’t do anything with 2 dollars in NYC that wont leave you with food poisoning, still hungry, or stranded.

Fashion Major Problems: Early AM Swatching


The life of a fashion design major in NYC isn’t as glamorous as people would expect it to be. It’s a lot of late nights at the sewing lab, daily runs to the art stores, and very early mornings to go swatching. By Thursday, my class and I are borderline delusional, hardly making any sense, non stop giggling, and looking like we have been up for days (thank the lord for under eye concealer!).

After my 5ish hours of sleep last night, I woke up early enough to go to a fabric store, 10 blocks away, to go collect swatches to use in my portfolio. It would seem logical to just go later in the day and sleep an extra few hours, but of course my favorite fabric store only has swatching hours from 8am to 9am. A fashion major has to do what a fashion major has to do.

In case you are still confused about what “swatching is”… let me fill you in. When designing and illustrating clothing you have to take in to mind how heavy the fabric will be, which way the grain will go, how the fabric will look from different views, the texture, and so on… In order to have accurate illustrations, getting samples of your desired fabric, whether woven or knit, is necessary. The samples are generally 5 inches long and about 3 inches wide. These swatches will also be cut apart and added into a fashion portfolio.


Examples… (ABOVE) Fabric swatches can be displayed in a portfolio anyway the designer desires! I like to switch it up. Sometimes I place them randomly in a scrapebooky sort of way, or sometimes I cut them into perfect squares and place them in a pattern. (BELOW) I had a swatch of a lightweight woven floral print fabric a few years back and had to illustrate and render what it would look like as a scarf! (remind you, this was a few years ago and is also a picture taken of the project)


As annoying as it was to wake up earlier than usual it was also completely worth it. Imagine a kid in a candy store, that’s me in a fabric store. I’m also embarrassed to say I have a ton of fun looking at all the fabric and touching it all. Well, I guess that’s just another one to add to my list of “Fashion Major Problems”.

(The picture fabric all the way at the top is what I got today!)

Ashes to Ashes, Cheese & Fashion

Wednesdays are sometimes more exciting than my Fridays! Why you ask? I only have one class and it ends at noon. My roommate/BFF, Lindsey, and I like to refer to Wednesdays as “be a human day” because we get time to explore this amazing city. Most of the time it results in finding great places to eat!

Before I talk about today I’m going to bring you back a week! S’mac is a NYC dive that everyone has to goto!!! Its a great place to eat, and ONLY eat macaroni and cheese! The BEST mac n cheese EVER! It gets better… They offer vegan and gluten free options! Needless to say, I was in heaven!! Honest to blog, one of the best things I have ever eaten! I cannot wait to go back! Here’s a picture of my meal last week to make your mouth water!


Back to today… Took a big step of being an adult today and went to Ash Wednesday Mass all by myself! Normally I dread going anywhere alone, but I felt okay going to get my ashes today because I know my nana was by my side the whole time. It was a beautiful church and only 3 blocks away from campus! Thinking about going back every once and awhile!


The last 6 hours of the day can be described in one word; Sketching. Being my last semester in college, I’m creating my portfolio to show future employers (fingers crossed!) I’ve been working on it since January and will be for another month and a half! Today I focused on making some rough copies of spring/summer looks! Hope ya like ’em 🙂